Tricks to Solve Problem Facing with 500 INR and 1000 INR Black Money in 3 days

Tricks to Solve Problem Facing with 500 INR and 1000 INR Black Money in 3 days : Indian Peoples are very much exited and frustrated on the demand forwarded by Modi Sarkar on the ban of 500 and 1000 Indian Rupees Notes and Narendra Modi has recently announced to wipe away the Black money and to safe India. As we all know that, every individual who holds a property (for eg : Plot, House Rent ) will not release the details of entire amount of money to the Income tax department. However, in order to safe our life, ever individual used to save some kind of black money in their hand or in form of pledges.

Tricks to Make Black Money to White Money.

1. If you Hold an Amount of 1 lacs try to submit your amount by 2 person in to a single bank accounts just an INR of 99998.SInce above INR 49999 by an individual will ask for the pan card registration and so and so.

2.Convert your money into US dollars or into Other Country money via foreign Exchange..

3.Drop in to post office as much you can a day, Since post office donot ask for a PAN card registration..

4. Purchase Jewels in form of gold coins, rather than Chain, Rings ( Hence you can save making charges ) and hold the original bills..

5.Find NRI From Dubbizle, Amazon as well from Online money forums..

6.Use CDM machine Counters till its gets stopped by the bank authorities..

7.Find the Brokers from Real Estate and ask for the beautiful tricky ideas..

8.Find Charity and Collect the Bills..

9. Pick Maximum amount of flight tickets for December 26th from India to Abroad, the rate will be very much higher after Christmas day and post-pond to new year day by wasting 1000 INR and collect the New Indian Rupees notes from all Indian bank which were releasing on New year 2017 January 1st by cancelling your flight ticke


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