How to find Site links in Alexa Without sign up's..??

Can we find Alexa site Links without Sign up in Alexa??
How To Find Site link in Alexa without Sign up or as a non premium Member,??

As well all Know Do follow back links are the best way in encouraging top level audience to their lovely blog.So,that Many of them adept to Purchase Back links and many of them try to encourage their site via email bulk service (Subscription Via Email).However,Now a days Email are easily meant to a top level spamming.

Hence,subscribers fears to make a subscriptions.So,the insurance providing over bloggers to met traffic through that way is getting banned.So,we always tries to protect blog from blog mistakes.

How to find Site links in Alexa Without sign up's..??

Meanwhile,they runs behind other site linking SEO works.But,the problem occurring with many bloggers is that,many others are visiting our site and we to their site to deliver a promising traffic towards as like give and take policies.Apparently,bloggers fails to recognize today,where we tracked yesterday.So,that Alexa has provided to the websites.

Example for Google.com site-links in Alexa.

How to find Site links in Alexa Without sign up's..??

As we all know that,it provides our website traffic,site-links,categories with related sites,Upstream sites,keywords with percentage of traffic and which level traffic is figured with on site time ratio's.

But the problem is ...

Alexa is hiding our site links,and we are only able to see only best 5 site links over there ,or else we have to upgrade our site link on alexa for premium purchases ,(its showed in below image)however,exactly these site links shows the 50% Do follow back-links.and other 50% shows the visit we made on other sites and we linked there.

How to find Site links in Alexa Without sign up's..??

So,it feels like bad impression to bloggers who want to search continuously for the website history on the internet server.

Don't worry... !!! :

It's rubbish to know our site link via a third party premium tools service.

Mostly,many of us Heard about Google webmasters tools and atmost of the bloggers are touched with it.

Commonly bloggers use this tools for setting Sitemap,Identifying Crawl Errors,Search Queries and all,But this tool has made some other data's  also.Some of them will identifies it and others just leave it.

How to Identify Site links in Alexa using Google Webmaster Tool. or how to find site link in alexa without sign up ..??

Just Sign In To Your Google Webmasters Tool > If You are new to this..> Add a site (Freshers should Wait for 1 week to Get linked by this)> Already members point to your site and at the left side of webmasters home Search Traffic > Expand it  and you can see

Tap over at Links to Your Site .Now You can See the Home Looks Like this.

How to find Site links in Alexa Without sign up's..??

Total Site Links 4748 Doesn't be your Exact DO follow Links .You can see More>> Button There at " Who Links the most".Tap it out and see your genuine site-links from what Alexa is Hiding.


It may be a simple post.But it may be helpful for Kid bloggers or Others who entered in to Blogging as an initiators..Demand Response for this Article.


  1. Thats a good way to get the thing :D

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    1. That's cool to hear Raquel Johnson..
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  2. Hi Rahul,

    Interesting information. Here because you left a comment on a article on my blog. Maybe I should downgrade to no follow!

    I manually handle comments..., this post reminds us that Alexa gets its information from Google, who will give us the same information for free!