How to Make Blog Traffic While Sleeping

Sounds Weird??

Is it possible to generate Traffic While Sleeping..??
Or Is it Possible To Boost Traffic While Sleeping ??
Or Is it Possible to Drive Traffic to Blogs while Sleeping ..??
How to Make Website Traffic during off period??

Yeah.. Obviously... :)

I was able to know about this,when i come across an article made by Ankit Kumar Singla In His Promote Blog While Sleeping at Bloggertipstricks.com ,But In that,he described the fact behind this and i run behind what all possible apps are existing to make our blog live during sleepy hours.So here I'm figure out my experience and some apps that will make as a powerful tool behind blogging.

Why We Blog???

To Earn Money Online simply.

None of us will not blog simply.Only as a factor to earn money.

Now a days blogging platform is made easy,as the apps provided online is much priceless.But,Blogs are getting rejected as a matter of Bad Traffic . Advertising Company always looks for blog with better Traffic.

Moreover, We all know that impressions from Local visitors won't get much revenues per clicks.But,if a foreigner click on our blog is much priceless,..

How to  Make Blog Traffic While Sleeping

So,that Local bloggers always runs behind foreign visitors.Meanwhile, The foreigners Visit our blog while we sleep.This is because of Time Zone variations.So,How to tackle them to our blog.

So,that various social media's are provided and gets connected with blogs/websites.But if we share posts on real time during our local timing, they (foreigners) might not get visible on their social media news feed.

Here are some blog App that will Drive Traffic While Sleeping

 1.Buffer App

How to  Make Blog Traffic While Sleeping

It’s a unique app that can aid you out in posting stuff to your various social networks. You’ll mug up how to do publishing posts repeatedly to your social networking sites and squeeze this useful app.

You can certainly use with this blog apps to:

    Set up buffering blueprints for altered days of the week. For episode, on Mondays owing to Fridays, you post an update every single 4 am, 2pm and 6 pm. And on weekends, you can easily publish update every single  4 hours.
    Find out the spells of day that your post gets the terribly engagement and the type of niche's your audience like the most.
    Pursue which updates get the most commitment. Analyze which of your revises get the most re-shares (or) re-tweets, mentions, and each clicks and favorites.
    You can even Shorten or not shorten your each of the  links. Available shorteners includes : buff.ly / bit.ly /adf.ly
    Make use of Google Analytics to see how much percentage of traffic you drive from social media posts.
    Buffer adds content counsel that you can forward to your social networks.

Join Bufferapp


How to  Make Blog Traffic While Sleeping

TweetDeck endured major tweaking. However,The most noticeable one is its global interface. Its new dashboard is promptly in white that take after that of HootSuite. With its neoteric interface, you now have more routes depending on the amount of social network accounts you’ve added.

Apparently, this app no longer encourages in Facebook integration. So, if the mainstream  of your audience is on Facebook, meanwhile  you better use HootSuite or further self-posting tools on this list.
Predominantly , if your audience splurge more time on Twitter, then this ought to be a great app for you to provide reflex updates for your followers.

   However,it has the Ability to opt for what kind of tweets to strut in your stream, exclude surplus terms from any or specific users and moreover it Manage dual Twitter accounts.

    Join TweetDeck

   3. SproutSocial
How to  Make Blog Traffic While Sleeping

    It’s something one of the social controlling app that let you bring about most  of your social supervision needs.However, One of the eye catching things about this app is its austerity. Contrasting HootSuite and Buffer App, this sproutsocial doesn’t have erudition curve. From the trice you open an version to the minute you make your initial update.

    Even Though it’s a Single stop shop for your Fb, G+ pages and professional LinkedIn social network accounts, it accentuate more on your Twitter account.

    It's having  Sexy Freaky dashboard and In-depth reporting scheme. You have the knack to view your social media enactment such as how people are fetching  with your posts,  of recent followers, fans, and recent retweets + mentions, etc.
    It, you can manage your on time  feeds to self publish posts via your social networks and recent blog posts are always live.
    You can even coordinate feedly account and also You can stay connect with your Feedly credit and view the recent content right away your Sproutsocial RSS reader.

    Join SproutSocial


How to  Make Blog Traffic While Sleeping

While use Hootsuite at a time you’re already touch with Buffer? Is Hootsuite enhance than Buffer and somewhat vice versa?

However,Hootsuite and Buffer are excellent services that can impulsively share your posts. Meanwhile,When it drives to social networking prop, Hootsuite has ample coverage.

It have the features like Auto posting via Facebook groups + Facebook profiles and with business pages, LinkedIn Frim pages + groups,Moreover with Google+ pages,Twitter also with Foursquare and mostly with Wordpress and  Mixi.It provide Schedule dual posts in bulk.

Even With basic version, you’ll have dispatch scheduling and can establish 5 social networks.Meanwhile Its pro version has boundless social networks + atom feeds,also stats history. However,It also consent bulk scheduling.

   Join Hootsuite


How to  Make Blog Traffic While Sleeping

 Commencing the term suggests,The app Dlvr.it will aid you connect with your article lovers by delivering your content to enormous social networks. Yeah, seems like the other choices mentioned above. basically what’s this unique about this Dlvr.It?

It provides Auto-share recent updates of your favorite sites (via RSS feeds) to various social networks. Meanwhile it Take a glance at this example. perceive how I was adept to distribute the feeds of my beloved sites? Every single time they post a new recent update, my social interpretations will automatically update Gets  link + topic title (and the content creator as well) to their recent posts:

It's Ability to mesh the content that this app bonds. You can meshes it by categories, content also title and URL. It’s a powerful app if you only want particular authors or labels that you want to be gets shared., Meanwhile  you can even set up your Google Analytics’ routine tracking codes to meritoriously track your click rate through's and alterations, among other things.

Join Dlvr.It

Last Words:

Don't Ever make your blog a night mare ..Keep it touch with these apps and enjoy with Blogging.
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