How To Change Facebook Profile Name Unlimited Times

As we all Touched with Social Media Network : Facebook,Where we can interact with Our Families, Friends,Classmates and More Action on Facebook Profile what You were dealing with..
As Per Previous Facebook Algorithm on 2013 Update,There was a Bad Face on Facebook,at a time it was Good to others on the Other Terms of Service,Meanwhile You  Ought to Face a Problem of "Facebook Profile Name".

How To Change Facebook Profile Name Unlimited Times

You Might Have Heard about Facebook Algorithm Termed as EdgeRank,Meanwhile,It delivers the actions on Facebook Profiles,If you entirely touched with Facebook You can certainly understand What i'm Pointing out.Else you can Go Through The Below Article Provided.

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As Per Facebook Algorithm Your Profile Name Changing Criteria was limited for 5 Times in the Previous Year 2013.Facebook made these kind of action over at Facebook users profile,to reduce spamming activity (Fake Profiles Activities).

As per latest Facebook Updated Algorithm,They made a plugin to solve this scenario, so that couple of months ago ,Facebook removed over 10 million Fake Profiles.

At a Time,They have been Updated their Lovely Plugin-ed Provides:

Let's Have a Look How To Change Facebook Profile Name For Unlimited Times.

For That The Below Video Tutorial also Helps You To Solve This criteria, So that Handle The Video tutorial as Well as Mintbeatz Explanation at a same,So that you can easily Achieve your track .

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Follow My Step By Step Tutorial To Reach Your Goal.

  1. First,Login Your Facebook Account.
  2. Go to The Drop Down Menu at Logout Bar at Right Side Top of your Profile Home page.
  3. In That Click Help.
  4. A Search Box Will Pop Up and In That Search or Type "Change Name".Now You Will See Enormous Questions Over There. In that Select First Option: "How Do I Change My Name".
  5. There You can See an Explanation concerns with the Query. Inspite of it  You can See Help at  "Please Keep in Mind''.
  6. Click on Help Link.
  7. Now another Page Will Pop Up and You can See :"Let us Know'' term over at two line explanation.Click over that.
  8. A New Dialogue Box Will appears. In That Type Your First Name and Last name and Reason For this Change.
  9. In Reason : Select  : Legal Name Change.
  10. After That, at below you can see Choose Files button: Upload Your Scanned Id Photo,( Example: Your Passport,License or anything that Specifies You.).
  11. Just Wait two to three Days.In that intervals,Facebook Authority Checks and Confirms You Profile Verification's and They Will email You the link to change Your Data as per Facebook New Algorithm Updates .Finally You easily change Profile Name with the current password you were provided over at Facebook.
Last Words:

If You Surprised with This article.Please share this articles and Enjoy With Your New Facebook Profile name.Please Keep in Mind,If You Can't Change Your profile Name as per discussed above with ID Card Technique.You Might have to do one thing"Make Id be Updated On Your Facebook Photos"



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