Top 10 Killer SEO Tips Of 2014

SEO encompasses a shut relationship by the way the search engines really work, and what yardsticks search engines use to work out the ranking of internet sites. Recent times, particularly the last few years about, are sensational and quite trying, to mention the smallest amount, for individuals related to search engines a technique or the other!

Top 10 Killer SEO Tips Of 2014

1. Stop Addicting guest posting: Guest posting is associated has been an integral a part of program optimization since a jiffy currently. As you will grasp, guest blogging may be a nice mechanism for generating backlinks, obtaining exposure, and obtaining contemporary content. however recently, several bloggers have began to abuse guest blogging, and thus unsurprisingly, Google has fleetly moved  in to throttle on this abuse. in keeping with Matt Cutts, United Nations agency heads Google’s Webspam team, Google are penalizing spammy guest blogging.

                   In easy terms, guest blogging remains an excellent, safe approach of obtaining backlinks and traffic, but it's essential to stay to some ground-rules or best-practices nominal by Cutts, like golf shot relevant content, golf shot high-quality un-spun gist, not spamming a mails with links, and not golf shot low-quality, spammy posts on your journal. In short, guest journal is sweet as long because it edges the readers of your blog.

2. Building of nice content remains as necessary as ever! Content was, is and can stay the king, there’s no 2 ways in which regarding it. after you write, keep your readers and their desires in mind, it ought to be your 1st priority. however will your readers have the benefit of your journal/website?

                   What will your journal supply that alternatives don’t? Why would somebody return to your blog and not move to the million-and-one other similar blogs out there?

3. Successful mobile has become the necessity of the hour: merely place, if you’re not mobile, you don’t exist as way as nearly simple fraction of the planet is concerned! so, cellular and mobile web traffic has been on a relentless rise, and accounts for pretty much ten.5% of total internet traffic currently.

                 Let’s not forget that this range of rising quickly (35% rise in 2012, as compared to 2011!), and it's foreseen that mobile traffic can surpass desktop traffic among as very little because the next few years! intelligibly, then you wish to optimize your web site or journal for traffic returning from smartphones and pill PCs. several WordPress themes, as an example, currently escort mobile-friendly version of their full-themes, and WordPress conjointly has several free plugins that permit you to accomplish this.

4. Use alternate anchor text: diversify your internal and external anchor text, so as to avoid obtaining flagged by search engines. a web site that uses identical anchor text repeatedly, as an example, can possibly be flagged as a spammy web site by search engines. This didn't accustomed be therefore vital before, however Use totally different anchor text for all internal and external links, as an example use totally different adaptions of keywords, name of the firm/website, descriptive text and some generic text (like click here) as anchor text.

5. Expand your link-building profile: Backlinks are the lifeline of any web site or journal, and it might be safe to mention that over ninetieth of all SEO campaigns are double-geared towards building backlinks. attempt to vary and diversify your link-building ways.

                  Don’t specialize in obtaining links simply from one supply, diversify. as an example you'll consider obtaining backlinks from guest posts, journal comments, social media, social bookmarking web site, alternative blogs in your niche, and then on and then forth. obtaining backlinks from one supply might send the incorrect message to go looking engines, and as a consequence, your web site can be categorized as low-quality by the likes of Google.

6. Perceive on the visual aid bandwagon: From a link-building and SEO point-of-view, this is often comparatively unexplored/uncharted territory, a minimum of in my opinion. you may be stunned to find that Youtube is that the second-largest program within the world in terms of sheer search volume, solely behind the enormous that's Google.
                There's quite clearly, huge potential for SEOs to urge higher rankings via videos, and crafts more backlinks on the beat likes over at of YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. one video hosted on anyone of those video-hosting websites might herald plenty of referral traffic for you!

7. Enhance your social media presence: Social media is here to remain, and it’s quality can solely increase with the passage of your time, as a lot of and a lot of individuals produce Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google and profiles for themselves and their businesses.

                      There’s fully no reason why you shouldn't be functioning on enhancing and up your social media presence, so as to strengthen your foothold on these mediums and obtain a lot of exposure and generate leads and inward traffic through these mediums. better of all, making an easy page on Facebook is free, and takes many minutes, and will down the road persuade be a useful plus for you in terms of conveyance in traffic

8. Don’t underestimate the reputation of excellent keyword analysis: sensible keyword research can assist you increase the organic traffic returning into your journal, and can permit you get targeted traffic to your journal – the most effective quite traffic. Ranking well for keywords that are relevant to you is crucial, because it can facilitate individuals notice you on search engines. however however can you recognize what keywords are relevant and valuable to you, and what keywords you ought to be ranking for? Well, through keyword analysis in fact.

              There are plenty of nice keyword analysis tools gift out there, Market Samurai being one. but if you’re yearning for one thing free, you may wish to visualize Google AdWords Keyword Tool, and wonderful, if not quite-as-accurate keyword analysis tool. Such tools can permit you to seem up keywords relevant to your business and web site (most of that you ought to attempt ranking for), further as investigate their search volume and fight. conjointly detain mind that (a) you ought to conjointly consider relevant key-phrases and long-tailed keywords relevant to you, and (b) investigate new keywords to rank for – two hundredth of Google search terms have either ne'er been used before, or haven't been probe for six months, therefore there's huge potential to rank for comparatively unknown keywords before your competition does!

9. Comply with use of analytics: particularly Google Analytics, that is that the Bible of doing well on the internet! Google Analytics very may be a really superb tool, a marketer’s delight! It provides you very in-depth and careful statistics and knowledge regarding your web site.

 Use this promoting intelligence to your advantage. Keep a watch out on however totally different aspects of your web site are performing arts, wherever your web site must be fine-tuned associated wherever (if at all) it desires an overhaul.

                There are plenty of things that you simply will investigate in Google Analytics, like your traffic sources, conversion rate, AdSense performance and CTR, and knickknack. better of all, Analytics is free! There ar plenty of alternative analytics suites accessible out there further, which may be used aboard Google Analytics. an honest one that i take advantage of on all my websites is Clicky.

10. Use Google Authorship to your advantage: and at last, place Google Authorship to sensible use. Google Authorship is really one in every of those cool-looking rich-snippets that shows up within the search results. These are joined to your Google and account, and show the author’s mug in conjunction with the search result. These made snippets gained plenty of recognition in 2012, and permanently reason: in keeping with studies, having the author’s image seem beside the search result improves the result’s CTR, and improves its credibleness and credibility within the visitor’s eyes.

               For a lot of info on a way to originated your authorship made snip and show your image within the search results aboard your web site, check these links: link one, link 2. Use it, because it can improve your CTR significantly and permit you to urge a lot of organic traffic to your journal.

Last Words:

SEO, short for database optimization, consign to optimizing websites (or) blogs for max program visibility, higher rankings and maximizing revenue. historically, SEO accustomed refer strictly to parts that affected a website’s natural or organic search results, though with the passage of your time, I feel the domain of SEO has become rather more broad.



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