Colorino For Android

Its been a Thrilling Experience while playing a Puzzle Games.However,In order to get more thrilling,it should be somewhat variety from other Puzzling Games. Colorino could be a refreshing logic puzzle game with a singular twist on the match diversion development.It Controls distinctive, casual and fun logic matching puzzle game,Hundreds of levels and funky graphics with quiet music..Colorino could seem like your typical over-saturated gem swap game however this is often aloof from it and that i just like the distinctive gameplay.

Colorino For Android

The goal is to clear the board of all the initial marked shapes that glow. to try to to thus you want to take away entire rows and columns by matching either an equivalent color and form of adjacent shapes. Here You can See below a screen shot of this colorino Game.,Which is quite even more interesting to see before you wanna install it on your smartphone,tablets or whatever smart.

Colorino For Android  screen shot

This makes things tough as a result of you have got to strategically place shapes on not jam yourself. If a form doesn't match you'll skip it however make sure there’s completely no match as a result of if there are you’ll be subtracted lives. The lives are the numbers portrayed within the guts form. If you run out of lives the sport is over and restart the extent. If you run out of your time you’re subtracted lives, however if you clear in time you get a bonus life and points.

Last Words:

Colorino options supports many level to dive into for a few fun and casual logic puzzle play. Animations are somewhat sleek and the music is cool and quiet.


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