Best Social Media Advertising in 2014

Social media advertising is what ancient program promoting was five years ago: perpetually in development with major changes coming back each different week. that is to not say that SEM has stagnated and development has stopped.More changes and large leaps forward in social media advertising then any year before. the event boom hasn't stalled in the least this year and is propellant the complete social media area

Facebook Video Ads:

TV advertising still  a elementary piece to the trendy advertising puzzle. Video has verified time and once more to possess important impact on stigmatization and buying choices.

Now that the globe is shifting their TV habits on-line, this implies that the video advertising model should shift with it. whereas the devices area unit completely different, the tip client can still be drawn to (good) video advertising.

YouTube is already killing it with their video movement product. The In-stream ad unit alone has most potential. So, however will all of this tie in to Facebook? Videos area unit conspicuously featured in Facebook feeds organically. once they tested the "auto play" video content organically, it absolutely was a natural progression to envision this come back to video ads.

This ad unit remains in testing at Facebook and therefore the video plays on silent – that the impact will not be quite constant as what's seen on YouTube. However, I absolutely expect this testing to expand and for video to play an even bigger role in Facebook ads in 2014. If Facebook is flourishing with video,smells whose agency is aware of what implications that may have across the social media world?

Ads on Google+

Couple of few years back into Google's tends to gamble, in social media and Google+ remains fully barren of ads. many folks probably area unit quite happy by this. uncounted others .i.e., no doubt advertisers area unit chew at the bit expecting the day that they'll place targeted ads on this in demand land.

it permits brands to require quality Google+ posts and advertise them across the Google show Network.Could this be a baby step toward a bigger advertising platform engineered around Google+?

Twitter Ads:

he social media network saw changes across the programme on desktops and smartphone devices. Basically, The ad boards grew rises and bounds. and maybe most significantly, Twitter filed for and with success completed their initial offering.n short, exploitation Facebook's initial offering and subsequent  development boom as an example, it's safe to assume we should always expect huge things from Twitter.

Now that Twitter is obligated to shareholders, expect this sort of fast development within the advertising platform to continue.

Blurred Lines:

An ad that match seamlessly into the organic construct of the social expertise. Since then Facebook and LinkedIn have followed suit with newsfeed ad units that have boosted ad engagement and click-through rates whereas at the same time blurring the lines of what's organic or paid social content.

There's a precedent for this. explore the entire search engines. #1 Google, #2 Bing and #3 Yahoo all have conducted numerous tests to make the PPC ads look more like organic listings. Why? additional folks click on them.

Now social networks area unit up to the same tricks –> solely in a way additional aggressive nay, effective manner. Promoted standing updates mix in seamlessly except an easy marker that claims "something sponsored." From a mobile device the common user might never understand that the standing update they only browse and clicked on was truly a billboard.

Last Words:

It has been an improbable year of growth for social media advertising, with new options, targeting choices, and channels to explore.


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