How To Earn With URL Shortening

I Kick Started My Earnings with URL Shortening of $50 via Afd.ly( web no more).It can easily Double our Earning in URL shortening.Since,It isn't a tough Job,Just Shorten the URL's of Best Article,Video and Other Stuff,which is cool over the web and Share all around via Social Media's.

Even After,I came to Know about Shorte.st , Not only Every URL Shoretners can do 2 Jobs at a time. Meanwhile, This Shortening Web can pay you for the dual job,when you works on this.
  • Referral Commission.
  • General Commission.
How To Earn With URL Shortening

Referral Commission Basically represents the trackbacks that gained via your referral link.However, referral commission may or may not be huge, it depends upon your support around social.
If You are a website Holder,You can stick shorte.st banner over your website and for each referral you will get paid.

General Commissions are the commission you gained with each impressions you gained from the share you made over social medias.Maximum Impression pays you High.They offers a minimum payout of 5$ and You can link your Paypal or Payoneer  Account and Withdraw Your Payout easily.

How To Earn With URL Shortening

Why i stuck with blogger platform.??

There is Hidden Secret in Blogger Platform for Shorte.st, We know that Site Linking is best SEO approach to drive traffic as well as web promotion. In site linking,as we track back a comment from other website with help of blogger/readers/subscribers and that will be a great impression for website in link building.

This Shorte.st will give us earning on blogger Platform. Do you know How...??

We can earn with comments on blogger platform just plugin below script with the help of Video Tutorial attached with this.

<script type="text/javascript">    var shortest = {};    shortest.config = {        token : 'dd081944a13785a6ff0e3606501a6470',        commentMonetizer: {          enable: true        }    };    (function() {       var script = document.createElement('script');       script.async = true;       script.src = '//cdn.shorte.st/link-converter.min.js';       var entry = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];       entry.parentNode.insertBefore(script, entry);    })();</script>        

Last Words:

Hence, if you work as a blogger, you can earn for 3 job at a time.So enjoy with URL shorte.st money making approach.Drop your comments on this approach.


  1. Hi Rahul :)

    It has been great being here. I am not aware of this logic of making use of the Url shortener. I used to do it earlier i suddenly stopped as i thought it is not going to make any sort of difference. You made me realize that I a going in the wrong way. Thank you for making me realize this.From now am going to shorten my url for sure before posting in social networking sites :) :)

    1. Hi Surya,
      Its Great Pleasure to hear that.. Never Stop anything at the middle..Do it .. till it ends.. as much u can..
      Thankz for dropping by bro...