Is Bing Webmaster Tool Better Than Google Webmaster Tool..??

Webmaster Tools are alike a Mechanical Tool for Bloggers,in order to control their web as like automobile vehicle are in demand for spare parts and Workshops.Webmaster Tools most certainly provided you the day by day update of our blogs and reports any error occurs.So,it a Safe place to handle our websites/Blog to store our data's and Boost Our Website ability. Many of Pro-Bloggers are Fell in Love With Bing Webmaster Tool Rather Than Google webmaster Tool.

Do You Know Why??Let's consider Some of basic factors that Bing Brilliant Over Google Tools,mostly concerning among;
  • Deep Linking.
  • Malware Safety.
  • Tight Fetching.
  • Index Explorer.
  • Strengthen URL Parameter
  • Control Crawling and Much More. Let's Have a Look,On What Cases Bing is Better Than Google Webmaster Tool.

If you do not yet have a Bing Webmaster Tools  account, simply plow ahead and sign on. They've even a lot of  options which will assist you to  manage your sites.Just like Google Webmaster,Bing's Webmaster Tools provides some nice information for webmasters to use and address potential SEO problems, and is the first mechanism for Bing to speak those problems to website owners.Let's Look Forwards What Bing Crosses better Than Google Webmaster Tools while concerning its Facility.

bing vs Google webmaster tool

Terminate URL Parameters:

Here you have got the power to instruct the Bing crawler (Bingbot) to ignore URL parameters that haven't any impact upon the content of the page.The reason that this feature is obtainable was attributable to the priority over duplicate content " same content totally different URL's". By instructing the crawlers to ignore bound parameters, the concept was that this might scale back the potential for duplicate content.

If you are exploitation canonical tags you have got no ought to use this feature because the canonical tags can lookout of normalizing your URLs. If you are not exploitation canonical tags, merely enter the key part of the parameter to be neglected and click on submit.

Crawl management:

Search engines wish to be ready to get the maximum amount smart content from your website as potential, so that they will successively offer that content to users among the search results, however they additionally acknowledge that they do not wish to hurt your business whereas they are doing that.

Bing permits you to customize their crawl pattern, thus they are touch your site the toughest once you have amount of traffic coming back to your site. you'll be able to settle for one in every of their default choices or click yourself to specify the simplest times for you to be crawled.

Deep Linking:

Similar to sitelinks in Google, Deep Links provide your page a lot of shelf house (or) visibility within the search results, by providing extra content choices for users to click through to. These ar mechanically generated supported the pages that Bing reckon to be the foremost necessary (or) relevant to users.

You don't have the power to feature Deep Links, however by clicking on one in every of the URLs you will be taken to a page that shows the deep links so as, and offers you the power to either block one or a lot of of them (say as an example if a very unrelated or login needed section was displaying), or to produce weight info for every of the choices so as to reorder them.

Traffic Soul:

Page Traffic shows you the traffic stats for the highest acting pages on a website. You get to examine click information, impression information, CTR Data, the typical position once clicked, and also the average position once viewed. The read link at the top reveal a window that shows you the keywords for that computer address and their information.Because of low fetching by others on bing and less search result,your link will raise to the top.

Brilliant Indexing:

This font of knowledge helps you to see all the information regarding the pages that Bing has crawled, or tried to crawl. you'll be able to see the amount of URLs discovered, the amount of them that have surfaced in search, and people that are clicked on in search.Hence, you'll be capable to click down by means of the folders and obtain the information only for that section, that could be a valuable tool for a website that segments content on a folder basis instead of a subdomain basis.

One very nice feature here is that it shows the subdomains that are crawled, thus if a dev forgets to place the proper robots.txt on your sandbox website you will see it listed here.You can additionally filter the information to indicate solely pages with 301 redirects, 404 errors or known malware infections with one click. If you would like to examine pages that have came alternative error detailed lists, then all you have available is to try and do is pick up that vary from the HTTP code drop.

Clever Inbound Links

Clever Inbound Link typically shows the bound links that Bing has found that time to your Blogs. The trending info shows whether or not you are growing or missing links. Likewise,Clicking on one or the other the Target Page or on the count of links for that your blog page brings up a popup window that shows more than thousands of links (and associated anchor text) for that page.

Keyword analysis

Bing Keyword analysis technique is often expressed as awesome, keyword analysis is one in every of the elemental tasks of any SEO campaign. Here Bing provides you access to their keyword analysis information thus you'll be able to see the question volumes on Bing for the keywords you are curious about, at the side of connected keywords which may provide you with concepts for alternative areas that you just might want to focus on.

Fetch As Bingbot

If you need to examine your page as Bing's crawler – Bingbot – see it, simply enter your URL here and click on fetch. you may then see the headers and content for the page displayed. Note, not like the previous tools this solely works on pages that you just are verified to look at in Bing Webmaster Tools.

Malware Tracking:

In the Malware section Bing can inform you of any malware they need detected on your pages. This additionally includes any links on your page to pages that are known as ones containing malware. They Easily detect the malware and reports as soon as via email and their solutions also.

Last Words:

So,it's Your turn to go with Google Webmaster Tools or With Bing Webmaster Tools..



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