Best Comedy Hit Movies 2014

There are new movies popping out daily it appears and there are actually lots being released in 2014. If you wish something to laugh aloud over, maybe you ought to think about observance one in all the best funny movies in 2014. Some have already been released within the flick theaters et al are still up and coming. Either way, they ought to all provide you with somewhat one thing to laugh concerning while proving that your life isn't as crazy because it may well be.


Best Comedy Movies of 2014

Imagine having a day wherever you total your stinky car, get dismissed from your job at a burger joint, thereafter catch your husband deceitful on you. That was the day that Tammy was inquiring, so, she decides to induce off from it all. However, the sole person with a ride, cash and a need to run, is her grandparent. Not a perfect state of affairs, but in an exceedingly pinch something can do, and it's a awfully fascinating ride.

A Million ways to Die in the West:

Best Comedy Movies of 2014 A million ways to die

A Million ways to Die in the West, a funny with Seth MacFarlane and Charlize Theron. it's set in 1890 and therefore the plot is about a man who is incredibly timid. He loses his lady friend once he withdrew from a duel. Charlize involves his aid and teaches him to be somewhat manlier and the way to shoot. They fall loving and every one is good; till her criminal rides into city and he's during a} very rotten mood.

The Other Woman:

Best Comedy Movies of 2014

This film has Cameron Diaz and plenty of others in it. She discovers that her man is married and whereas making an attempt to induce over it, meets his better half. They share lots of constant common interests and interestingly enough, Cameron’s enemy becomes her friend. Then they discover a 3rd lady and they all group to plot their revenge on the beguiler.

Night At The museum 3:

Best Comedy Movies of 2014

Ben Stiller returns as the guard but, now it's set in London. it's also bringing back Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt, Larry’s boss vie by Ricky Gervais, and therefore the new man on the block fictitious character who is vie by Dan Stevens and also the main downside of this film.

Sex Tape:

Best Comedy Movies of 2014

Who hasn’t needed to boost their room slightly at some point? that's the premise behind this film and A community couple chooses to spice it up by making a Sex Tape, that then accidently gets synced to some iPads that that they had given as gifts to everybody from her mater to their mail carrier. This results in lots of snickers once they try and recover before it's seen by those people considering that neither of them will afford the, um, exposure.


Best Comedy Movies of 2014

Imagine having the proper neighbors, who are in bed early, generally share your same “ideas”. This comedy is much from that. In fact, it's concerning neighbors that are total opposites as a result of a family with associate child winds up living next to nothing wanting a fraternity house. The family puts in an exceedingly sensible effort however soon is war within the neighborhood. it's a film that shows the conflicts between generations and family guys versus single men.

Welcome to the Jungle:

Best Comedy Movies of 2014

This is a risible comedy a few man named Chris who has issue standing up to folks and after all, asking the lady that he encompasses a crush on out on a date. That is, till he and a bunch of comrades, moreover because the girl he wishes, find yourself stranded on an island with a dead pilot and a guide that's killed by a tiger. Chris takes charge and it's quite funny once he will.

Last Words:

Everyone wants an honest laugh generally and these movies are bound to provide you with a least a trifle little bit of laughs. There are several different comedies popping out that failed to create the list now, however, best funny movies in 2014 ought to offer you a plan of what's offered to look at right away. whether or not you wish stupid funny or hidden humor and silly antidotes, there ought to be one special thing for you to fancy this year. it'll all have you ever chuckling and bound that life extremely isn’t therefore bad in spite of everything.

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  1. Need to watch these movies except night at the museum 3. Because i have seen that :)