Camtasia Free download 2014 With Camtasia Studio 8 Review

The Best Video Tool Camtasia For PC 2014(Camtasia Free Download For mac and Camtasia Free Download For Windows 8,7 PC) is Now Available for Free Download,The Camtasio Studio 8 Free Download Version has Launched On July 1st 2014. Camtasia is a video Tool for PC Windows and Camtasia For MAC is now Available,In Camtasia Studio 8,you can interpret the data of every video in your PC at very High Speed.Camtasia has evolved from being the go-to program for software system demonstrators to a full-featured education/information video tool.

With version eight, Camtasia Studio has not solely intercalary new features—including multi-track video redaction and embedded hyperlinks—but has been rewritten from the bottom up with new optimized code and bigger potential impact.
Camtasia Free download
If you watch a YouTube video explaining the way to edit in Photoshop, write in Word, or do the rest during a program, that video was terribly possible created with Camtasia Record, the first core operate of Camtasia Studio.Meanwhile, Capturing and interpreting screen-based activity, like indicator movement, menu selections, and alternative interface interactions remains quite easy.

Click the Record button, and everything you are doing on your pc monitor is recorded, till you click the Stop button. The results square measure quite sleek, even once capturing advanced on-screen media. that is as a result of Camtasia's new capture engine is optimized for high-definition video, and may currently record at thirty frames per second.

But once you get into the video editor, Version eight is clearly a completely new reasonably program. The new multi-track interface will import video from alternative sources, together with  MP4/MPG/MPEG/ WMV/MOV/SWF/ BMP/GIF/JPG/PNG/WAV/MP3/WMA and Zipped Library. you'll even show many video windows during a single screen and have them play at constant time. you'll name and cluster tracks. what is additional, batch edits like animations, zoom/pan, and alternative effects is applied to a complete cluster, saving scores of time and energy.

Camtasia Free download 2014

While this interactivity greatly will increase the potential impact and academic price of a video, the sole thanks to share it's by exportation the MP4 with TechSmith's SmartPlayer. YouTube, Facebook, and alternative social networks do not support the player, which implies the hotspots will not work on such sites. If you would like to use the interactive video on your own web site, the answer is to let TechSmith host your video on Screencast.com, which can then offer iframe code you'll infix on your Webpage

Camtasia Free download 2014 With Camtasia Studio 8 Review                  Camtasia Free download 2014 With Camtasia Studio 8 Review

 FOR WINDOWS                                  FOR MAC

Though Camtasia has had the power to incorporate interactive quizzes or polls in your videos for a few time, it had been cumbersome and fewer than absolutely useful as a result of the aggregate quiz results wont to be emailed to the host or teacher. currently the TechSmith server works behind the scenes to assemble the info and supply reports to the host/teacher. for example, lecturers will grasp who took the take a look at, and the way they did on it.

Camtasia Studio is much richer and deeper than before, we tend to found that it had been quite simple to induce started and work creatively among a awfully short time. that is as a result of the interface is intelligent and straightforward to navigate. additionally, TechSmith offers helpful, well-designed video and PDF tutorials, beginning with links provided whereas you transfer the program. Then, after you 1st launch Camtasia, it plays a tutorial within the canvas, with the tracks and clip bin absolutely inhabited by the tutorial's content, thus you've got one thing to experiment with directly.

Last Words:

Camtasia Studio version eight could be a major improve in easy-to-create interactive videos. The results is quite beautiful even for non-professional users.


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