Top 10 Amazing Android Games 2014 - Download ( Free - Premium)

Think there haven’t been any Best new android releases this summer? reconsider. The previous couple of weeks alone have had a bevy of fun exclusives, ports, moreover the cross-platform titles. Meanwhile,There’s a trifle one thing for everybody.Check out the amazing ten Best Games 2014.


Top 10 Amazing Android Games

The classic RPG board game that hit desktops and than iOS within the last year has finally created it’s thanks to android. Supporting up to four players, this is often a wonderful thanks to kill each a day and a bag of Cheetos.


Top 10 Amazing Android Games

Technically in early access, the Google Play description describes this as “Elite meets The Sims.Most promisingly You’ll assemble basically find a rag tag crew and check out to create a living within the stars, be it as reputable  bourgeois or scurvy area pirate.

3.Battle of Littledom:

Top 10 Amazing Android Games

The latest unleash from Mobage takes on the planet of free-to-play role-playing. Is it amazing? We’re honestly unsure. however since we tend to still miss their subline F2P RPG Quests & black magic, we’re happy to undertake their Battle of Littledom with an open mind.

4.Brave Brigade:

Top 10 Amazing Android Games 2014

It’s left us hungry for each reasonably SRPG we will notice and Automatic battles don’t leave a lot of area for strategy, if you catch my drift. once defrayment it slow with it, we tend to can’t very counsel SRPG fans offer this a transfer.

5.Trine 2: Complete Story:

Top 10 Amazing Android Games 2014

An NVIDIA protect exclusive, leash two is that the 1st mobile port of an incredible puzzle platformer. I don’t wish to decision it a system vendor, however I’ll be damned if I don’t need a protect once seeing this.


Top 10 Amazing Android Games 2014

From the creator of Faif comes a novel games that’s the maximum amount like KLAX because it like Wip3out.In Kapsula, players should navigate their capsule-car through a full route of different capsule cars. The player’s automotive is white and if driven next to a different capsule automotive, the new automotive becomes connected to the player’s car. Players get points for then fucking cars into different cars, or walls, of constant color. The gameplay is quick and pretty tough, an outsized step far from what Beavl delivered with Faif. that can be sensible or unhealthy, betting on your opinion of Faif.


Top 10 Amazing Android Games 2014

John Woo created a video game! …Again! not like the Sort of fine, Infact largely not Stranglehold, Practically,  though, his mobile debut offers up lots of lots of satisfaction,
The plot is actually easy as events unfold in comic book-style cutscenes in between the degree, however it still brings enough twists and turns to urge the duty done. As “Lotus,” a recently recruited and trained security agent, you’ll got to advance through locations like urban center and Beijing whereas protective your consumer, Dr. Koorse, who is at constant risk of being killed by entire armadas of street thugs and troopers. It’s a fitting setup that’s meant to steer right into Woo’s trademark action world of violence and bloodshed.

8.Guardians of the Galaxy: the ultimate Weapon

Top 10 Amazing Android Games 2014

You’ve seen the motion picture, currently play the game! This one borrows it’s formula from different mobile RPG’s (in specific, Battleheart), however it will therefore with enough vogue that it’s exhausting to fault it. This may be a cog within the publicity machine, however one created by enough those who care regarding the characters that it’s genuinely gratifying in its claim.
In every stage, the Guardians notice themselves attacked by enemies who will come back from either aspect of the screen or just be teleported into their interior. merely dragging a line from a hero to a foul guy can begin them out on automatic basic attacks, and you'll be able to move them to avoid environmental hazards and therefore the like within the same approach.


Top 10 Amazing Android Games 2014

If you’re longing for a mellow puzzle game with a color-mixing spin, this is often your new mobile addiction.Watercolors may be among the few that dares to differ and is a refreshing various that reminds United States not each nice plan has been used and abused.

watercolors1Similarly following a oversimplified formula, the concept is to brush stroke a lick of paint into a glowing circle of an indicated color to finish every puzzle. you begin with the 3 primary colours, red, blue and yellow, however so as to be a real creator, you’ll conjointly got to mix the first colours to make orange, inexperienced and purple.

The challenge becomes even additional hellish after you need to clear pathways for different colors to fill their glowing holes, and likewise after you got to use bridges therefore colours will cross each other while not mix.

10.Batman: Arkham Origins:

Top 10 Amazing Android Games 2014

Much like its forthcoming huge brother console game, the story of attendant: Arkham Origins involves variety of deadly assassins all vying to be the one who kills Batman once and for all, so as to win a considerable financial reward. this permits the sport to include some rattling and horrifying boss fights against these assassins, like Deadshot,more even like Copperhead, and my personal favorite, Th great ->Deathstroke.

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